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You went to college years, maybe decades ago. You enjoyed your time at your school, made great friends, and received a quality education that prepared you for your career. As a proud alum, you have provided financial support to your alma mater over the years, but…..


….in recent years you have watched as your school, and most others, have been transformed into intellectual echo-chambers, free-speech deniers, havens for political correctness, and purveyors of identity politics. Your frustration is now at a level that you are questioning whether or not to continue supporting your alma mater…… is a website targeted to disgruntled and frustrated alumni like you. It allows you to easily divert financial support from your school to colleges and universities (and other non-profit organizations) that foster and champion free speech, free enterprise, individual rights, a color-blind society, and limited government.

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Letter From the Founder


Dear Free Speech Advocate:


Thank you for signing up to receive Fund Freedom’s newsletter.  Your interest and support are very much appreciated.


The genesis of the Fund Freedom initiative is quite personal to me.  For years, I watched my alma mater devolve into a hotbed of political correctness and liberal orthodoxy.  In 1986, while back on campus for my 10th class reunion, I personally witnessing a left-wing professor deliver a divisive  and offensive “welcome back to campus” diatribe to me and my classmates. At that moment, I decided that I could not, in good conscience, continue to financially support my college.  


Over the subsequent years, I have watched free speech get trampled upon and denied at colleges and universities across the country.  At campus after campus, speakers have been shouted down, or denied the opportunity to able to deliver their lectures. In the midst of all of this, I came to the conclusion that I was not alone in my frustration, and that there were millions of other alumni who are equally frustrated by the denial of free speech and the lack of intellectual diversity at their alma maters.  


From this the concept of Fund Freedom was born.


We hope that Fund Freedom will motivate frustrated and disaffected alumni to show their frustration by redirecting their financial support to colleges, universities, and other organizations that foster and support free speech and intellectual diversity on campus.


University of Minnesota Still Under Fire for Anti-Speech Bias

This story perfectly represents the mission of Fund Freedom. In recent months, two University of Minnesota donors have decided to pull their contribution from the school following their vast amounts of on campus bias. This bias was demonstrated most clearly by the treatment of syndicated conservative commentator Ben Shapiro.


If you feel your alma mater needs to receive a similar message, check out our list of recommended recipients to donate!

Fresno State Professor Randa Jaraar Back in The News Over “Racially Charged” Tweets

Fresno State Professor Randa Jaraar, initially made infamous for her tweets regarding Barbara Bush’s death, is back in the news for controversial content on her twitter feed. This time tweeting vitriol toward white editors, calling for their resignation.


Readers of this newsletter should not find these calls toward white people surprising, especially given the New York Times new hire Sarah Jeong. What is surprising and should be frightening is the general amount of serious bias in University professors, as demonstrated by Jaraar. The idea that one can enter a classroom and openly discuss ideas with a professor celebrating the death of a former first lady, or calling for the mass-resignation of a single racial group is astoundingly hypocritical and frankly impossible.


Now, we at Fund Freedom would never call for someone's firing based on their right to speech. We fully support Jaraar’s right to keep her job, even if we find her opinions abhorrent. We simply would like to use this to point out that there is a vast imbalance of militant left wing professors on campus when compared to more moderate views, or professors from other positions.


Think we’re wrong? Tell us on our forum -

Facebook and Twitter Shares fall… Any Relation to Speech Policies?

Facebook ($FB) and Twitter ($TWTR) shares slid substantially after both companies announced their quarterly earnings, leaving americans to wonder could this be a product of their policies toward free speech on their platforms? Both businesses present themselves as value-neutral platforms, where users and advertisers can live harmoniously, freely sharing opinions and products. Over the course of the last few years however, we have been shown that this is clearly not the case.


Whether the undeniable “shadow-banning” of certain on Twitter, or the various advertising policies on Facebook which flag various voices as too controversial for advertising (our business having experience with both), it would not be surprising if there was some correlation between these business practices and a decline in investor outlook toward these companies.


We at Fund Freedom understand that both Facebook and Twitter are in fact private businesses, and thus have the right to engage in ANY practices of censorship or other, as the platforms are their property. The issue is their transparency. You cannot present yourself as a value neutral platform while concurrently promoting or demoting voices based on their perspective. This is a dishonest business practice that changes the nature of discourse in the country.


But enough from us on this matter - join the conversation on our “Forum” page here!

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