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Check out this page for the "real news" that demonstrates why Fund Freedom's mission is so vitally important.

The first section shows our favorite sources for news highlighting the attack on freedom oriented values taking place on college campuses. The next section is Fund Freedom's article database, which is updated continually with new stories that will help you understand why we need to Fund Freedom.

Fund Freedom is not officially affiliated with any of the following media organizations, and we do not own the rights to any of their content. We simply help you find it.

Key Sources

FIRE fights for free speech on the legal side, they have no shortage of high quality content about the battle for free speech.


On-campus reporters covering the issues as they happen. Take a look for great reasons to Fund Freedom.

Campus Reform

News from on-campus reporters highlighting the PC-dominated orthodoxy prevailing on college campuses today.

The College Fix

The Fund Freedom Article Database
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